what is it after all? 

It's photography that's all about REAL LIFE...about capturing your family just as you are.  It exists to capture your baby's first breath or that first time you welcome her home.  It's to capture when your toddler throws their food at the breakfast table, you know the way they do every single morning?  It's to remember the way your child twirls your hair when you read her a story or for that moment your son secretly grabs a crayon and writes on the wall when you aren't looking.  That's what it is for.   It's here to capture that messy and rushed morning routine that sometimes makes you go nuts, but warms your heart when those little ones rush out the door.  And what about morning snuggles in bed with mom and dad?...You guessed it. 

All of these little things that happen on a daily basis can go unnoticed.  But think of how amazing it will be to have them documented for all of time.  To be able to look back on them in 20 years, when your children are grown and out of the house.  It's a gift that will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.



(full and half day available)

Day in the Life sessions typically take place at your home.  This type of photography requires that you do nothing at all, except be yourself.  It can seem a bit scary at times...I mean you aren't dressing up, your house may be a mess and your kids may be in the worst mood of all time...but that's perfect because it is your real life and exactly what we want to capture. And don't think you're stuck there the entire time.  If on a normal day, you all pile in the car to run errands, or road trip to a special place, me and my camera hop in the car with you.  It's that easy.  And remember, this is not a posed session.  You do not have to look at the camera at all.  In fact, I encourage families to not look at me.  Just simply go about your day and let me tell your story.  

Full Day in the Life sessions are generally 10 - 12  hours of documentation, depending on your routine, and start at $1500.  Half day sessions last around 4-6 hours.  Sessions start at $750. 



These sessions can take place anywhere and usually are for documenting certain activities you like to do to do together as a family.   Maybe you want to capture your traditional Saturday morning pancake moments, or your child's first day of school.  Piling in the car together on the weekend to go to your favorite family spot, or taking your son to meet his new baby sister at the hospital.  Hourly sessions are perfect for telling the story of these amazing little experiences you share together as a family. 

Hourly Family Documentation sessions are up to 2 hours of documentation, and can be done at your home or a special place you like to visit together.  Sessions start at $550.