They're Engaged

I've known Danika for almost 9 years now, and throughout this time, I've watched her go through her 20s...traveling the world (and the US), dating, working and growing into the awesome woman she is today.   When I found out she was engaged, I knew for sure she had found a guy who was just as awesome and I couldn't wait to see what he was like.  Sure enough, when we met, he was as cool as I had imagined and I could tell that he loved her right away.  

Kyle and Danica have been friends for almost a decade and didn't decide to date until a few years ago. Something just sparked between them and they have been together ever since.  I love relationships that were friendships beforehand...they seem to last lifetimes!  Anyway, they got engaged a few months ago and when they asked me to take their engagement pictures I was thrilled.  I knew we would have a great time together since my sessions are real life and I knew they would want to do something totally fun!  And we did :) 

 For their sessions, we decided to walk down Congress Street to visit the awesome vintage jewelry store where Kyle purchased Danica's ring. Along the way we got to chat about their lives together so far and about their future together.  They had some adorable moments together that I was able to capture, especially at this cool little bar we stop in to.  

Danica and Kyle are definitely made for each other and I am so excited for them to start their lives as husband and wife.  They have this happy, carefree love that is hard to come by and at the end of our time together, they had me so excited to get home to my hubby!  Being around love like theirs is contagious and my wish for them is that it stays that way forever!  

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