messy hair, don't care

Messy hair, don't care! So many of us moms avoid getting in pictures with our kids because of the way we might look at the moment. I have decided that this thought is ending for me this year.

This is me most days. Hair in a horrible bun, t-shirt, comfy pants and sweet, sweet moments spent with my kids. I want to remember my life, right now, just as it is. I know soon I'll think back to the days my babies were home with me and I want those memories document for all of time - no matter what I look like.

So the next time someone wants to take a picture of you, especially with your kids, get in the frame. Your kids will look back on your pictures and want to see you in them...and I promise they'll think your beautiful, messy hair and all!

BTW - the score was Max - 2, MOM - 1

Tia Costello