beauty in unexpected places

Day 15/365...Today I decided to push myself a little. To take a picture of something that was out of my comfort zone and to use a new lens that requires a lot of manual adjusting that I am not too familiar with. It's a chilly, foggy, wet day - a day most people would choose to stay inside. But I wanted to get out in it! So, I took a little hike. There wasn't much out there to see, but a lot of these weedy looking flowers and yet, even though these aren't the most desirable things to look at, there was so much beauty in them. They were just sitting there, quiet in there little spot; surrounded by all of this tall yellow grass. When the wind blew, they would sway back and forth and the little wet spiderwebs on them would glisten. They didn't care about me and my camera, in fact, they don't care about anything. They simply survive. And that was beauty to me. 

"As one grows older one should grow more expert at finding beauty in unexpected places, 
in deserts and even in towns,
in ordinary human faces
and among wild weeds."


Tia Costello