hourly documentary sessions

What memories of your family would you love to have documented at this time?  Is it bringing your baby home for the first time?  Or maybe a birthday?  Do you have moments of board game fun on the weekends or Saturday morning donut time that you wish you could have forever?   Hourly Family Documentary sessions are just for that.  They can be done at any time of day and anywhere you'd like.  As long as I am documenting the fun you share together as a family, my job is complete. 

Hourly Family Documentation sessions are up to 2 hours of documentation, high resolution digital images, and a print release for personal use.  Sessions start at $550.

day in the life sessions

With Day in the Life sessions, I get to capture your family just as you are.  This is your life, as it is now, documented for all of time.  Think about it...how awesome will it be to look back in 20 years on a full day of what it was like when your babies were young.  Or when your kids still lived at home with you? The everyday routine, you may not think much of now, will soon be a distant memory that you may wish to to look back on.  Life goes by so quickly.  Let me capture a day in your life and preserve it for your family to see for years to come.T

Typically, with Day in the Life sessions, I arrive at your home the evening before (a little before dinner) and I get to know the family better - especially the kids.  The more comfortable your kids are with me before the session begins, the more they won't really notice me the next day.  I prefer to sleep at your home so that when you wake up and start your morning routine, I am already there to capture those memories!  However, I totally get if that makes you uncomfortable and I can be there first thing in the morning... about 30 minutes before your kids wake up. 

Day in the Life sessions are generally 15 hours of documentation (give or take a few hours depending on your routine), include high resolution digital images, and a print release for personal use.  Sessions start at $1500.