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I’m Tia.  A wife, mom, a lifelong artist wannabe, and a vegan who occasionally eats Chick-Fil-A (I think that’s called a CHEGAN, right?).  I’m loud, silly, creative and if you ever meet me, my sunglasses are either on my face or on my head…they’re my ultimate accessory.  

Most days you can find me in the toy room, snuggled up with my kids playing with a giant Power Rangers megazord or a tea set.  I cherish every moment spent with them and I make sure to always have my camera handy to capture as much of their childhood as possible.  I'm obsessed with documenting their lives and I know they will thank me for it one day!  

I absolutely love using my lens for good.  So, a few times throughout the year, I focus on personal projects that give back to the community.  Things that help raise awareness surrounding many challenges we face in life.  Check out my latest project here, which was featured on The Skin Cancer Foundation's blog, Sun & Skin News.    

When I am not working on projects, I do take on a limited number of clients each year, focusing on family documentary and day in the life sessions.  I also love to teach other aspiring photographers how to use their cameras correctly and how to capture great documentary photos of their own.

featured publications:
  • The Long Way Home magazine - Volume VII - Dec 2016
  • Beauty Revived - 50 Beautiful Mothers edition (released May 2017)
awards and features:
- Runner up and Honorable Mention