hi there!

I’m Tia.  A wife, a mom, a lifelong artist wannabe, a skin cancer survivor, and a vegan who occasionally eats Chick-Fil-A (I think that’s called a CHEGAN, right?).  I’m loud, silly, creative and if you ever meet me, my sunglasses are either on my face or on my head…they’re my ultimate accessory.  I love to dance and sing, even though I'm horrible at it, and I have to listen to music for at least two hours per day or I go crazy.  It's like my therapy and where I get most of my inspiration.

Most days you can find me in our toy room, no make up, hair a mess and snuggled up with my kiddos.  Like most moms, I cherish every moment spent with my kids and I make sure to always have my camera handy to capture as much of their childhood as possible.  I find so much beauty in everyday life that quite honestly, I have fallen in love with documenting ours.  There is something so rewarding to me about grabbing these precious moments to have forever.  In fact, I feel so fulfilled doing it, it's exactly why you find me documenting real life for my clients and why I love to teach others how to do it themselves.  

I also love using my lens for good and will jump at it any chance I get.  So, a couple of times during the year I focus on personal projects that give back to the community.   Things that help raise awareness surrounding many challenges we face in life.  Check out my latest project here, which was featured on The Skin Cancer Foundation's blog, Sun & Skin News.    



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